2017 seems to be the year of the buzz word – rather than a list of resolutions that everyone forgets two weeks into the year, people are finding one word that will encapsulate their year and I’ve decided to do the same.

2017 for me will be the year of mindfulness

After everything I’ve been through and my new digestive system, there’s a lot of things I can’t / shouldn’t eat because basically they make me ill.

While I have cut out the things that make me massively ill, straight up dairy is the biggest culprit but also fried food, very fatty food and sugary foods do the same thing – I’ve spent a lot of my daily life feeling nauseous, bloated, sluggish due to eating foods I know make me a little bit ill.

For the most part I wanted to eat ‘normal’ foods like ‘normal’ people but towards the end of 2016 I decided that maybe it’s not worth it and I should try and eat things that make me feel good and fulfilled.

The lightbulb moment went off properly at Christmas, I was given a bar of vegan, raw dark chocolate with peanut butter (yes it was as delicious as it sounds) and for the first time since my operation I ate the whole bar of chocolate (it was a small one I assure you) without feeling nauseous / being sick afterwards. I’ve always known that I can’t really tolerate dairy anymore and have used dairy free milk in coffee for ages now but I guess I just wasn’t ready to give certain things up, chocolate, cheese, ice cream etc but this year I’m determined to find good quality alternatives without dairy and me and dairy are going to break up for good

I don’t really eat a lot of chocolate but it’ll be awesome to know that I’m not going to feel sick for ages afterwards if I eat the right kind for me, the same goes for pizza and ice cream.

So in 2017 I’m really going to think long and hard about how what I’m eating makes me feel and I’m going to try and be really mindful about what I put in my body – at the end of the day if my body isn’t spending all it’s time fighting what I’m putting in it then I can only have more energy to do everything I want to do!

Wish me luck!


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