Solid Training Week

After last week’s mental downturn this week has gone a lot better thank goodness!

I’ve really been enjoying my pre-work gym sessions including the spin classes that my gym do on a morning, if you follow me on instagram you’ll see I’ve been very at home on the spin bike this week

I’ve been doing three early morning spin classes a week and I love how it makes me feel for the rest of the day! I’m also hoping that these spin classes will help me get a pair of bike legs.

For my warm ups before spin class I also introduced myself to this particular torture device!


S’s sister uses this at the gym and I decided to give it a go – with my leg / butt on the way to recovery I thought it might be a good low impact way of warming up my legs and getting my heart going before spin. I’m definitely going to use this again, I’m very klutzy so I’ll admit I spent most of my time on there in fear of my life but this machine is no joke! My heart was racing in no time!

On the leg / butt front my running is coming along really nicely – my paces have fallen through the floor but I’ve finally managed to do 5 pain free kilometres for the first time in ages! I’m looking forward to ramping my distances back up again and then hopefully my paces will get back to where I left them before the half this summer – I have dreams of a sub 25 minute 5km and a sub 50 minute 10km – I’m sure I’ll regret saying this once my tempo work starts again but I’ve missed my hard workouts and I loved my running this summer. I felt strong and in control and for the first time since I started running I enjoyed my recovery runs, they really helped me clear my head.

My workouts for this week looked like this…

  • 3 spin classes – 30 minutes each
  • 2 5km runs – 6:19 and 6:25 km pace
  • 1 PT class – 1 hour
  • 1 warm up run before spin – 15 minutes
  • 1 warm up on the stepper before spin – 10 minutes

Not horrendous for someone coming back from injury!

I’m planning my 2017 training plan as we speak! I’m excited to move into my ironman year!!!


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