BMI bug bear…

Overall I’m pretty happy with how my training has gone the last fortnight

There are definitely some things that I’d like to be better with but I’m just starting back and I’m happy with where I am right now

I’ve been consistently going to the gym three to four times a week before work – I’ll admit that there have been lots of times when my alarm has gone off and all I wanted to do was switch it off and go back to sleep but I always feel better once I’m halfway through my workout and it definitely sets me up for the day.

Most of the time at the gym I’ve been running on the treadmill which I don’t really enjoy but it’s been pretty cold and icy here recently and I was trialling my hip and how it’s holding up so I didn’t want to get a distance from home / the gym and my hip to go and have to hobble back so onto the treadmill I went.

All in all my hip seems to be playing ball and my distances and paces seem to be slowly getting closer to where I once was so for that I’m happy. It now means I can re-start a more complete training programme again and make the gains this winter season that I would like to.

I have also signed up to the spin classes that my gym offers and for the most part I’ve been enjoying them. The ones I go to are only 30 minutes before work so I’ve been setting the resistance a little higher than instructed and my cadence a little faster so that I can get the most out of that short time but they are sweaty sessions that pass quickly – my quest to love the bike continues

So, for the most part things have been going well although I’ve been having some issues with myself in terms of feeling ‘squidgy’ round the edges. I weigh myself regularly and have noticed that recently I’ve put on a couple (as in exactly 2) kilos

The thing is though, before I got ill, I struggled with my weight and then when I was ill and started losing lots of weight I have to admit I loved it. With not getting hungry and not having the stomach room to eat enough or properly the weight loss became uncontrolled and I’ve spent the three years struggling with my inner demons to be as ‘skinny’ as possible and being told to eat more by my specialists as my body weight and particularly body fat percentage was getting towards being borderline dangerous.

The last few months to a year my weight has stabilised and I’ve trained and eaten to make my body as healthy as it could be – mentally I’d love to be a lighter weight but my specialists have been happy with where I’m at and working on my strength and conditioning means that I’m now maintaining my muscle mass and ‘was’ feeling good about how I look (I’m a UK size 8)


Since S and I recently moved house we had to change our GP surgery which I was already sad about as I had a brilliant relationship with my doctors, they saved my life after all.

I went to my new doctors for a new patient appointment (I didn’t want to go but it was a pre-requisite) and saw a nurse who quite frankly was very short and rude to me for the whole of the appointment but then proceeded to weigh me, in jeans, trainers and a hoodie I might add and then proceed to tell me that according to my BMI I was overweight

In addition to this when asked about if I exercised and I told her how much I did she looked at me with a very patronising look on her face and asked ‘is that because of the weight problem?!’

So now i’m battling my demons again to not eat – not getting hungry means this is particularly easy for me to do and especially since I’ve been feeling a bit softer round the edges anyway it seemed like all she did was confirm what I’d been thinking anyway.

Hopefully the doctors at this new place are better than that woman or I might need to look around for another doctors practice because I’m not playing the martyr here but I’ve been through enough and I need people in my corner not against me!


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