Day One… Done

We had friends over for dinner last night so this morning’s 5am alarm clock stung a little bit.

I really wanted to push snooze, roll over and sleep a little bit more until it was time to get ready for work.

But I couldn’t fail with my new plan on the first day now could I?!

So out of bed I got, changed into my gym clothes and approximately 6 million outer layers because it’s freezing here at the moment and at the bright and early time of 5:30am I got in my car and headed to the gym.

At the moment due to my hip being injured I’m cautiously working running back into my training plan and although I would love to be running the streets, it’s been icy and slippy recently and the last thing I need to do now that my hip is finally starting to feel better would be to slip and pull something!

My coach wanted me to try a 4km run today and as much as me and the treadmill aren’t friends I figured, from a ‘is my hip ok’ standpoint, it wouldn’t matter if I was running on the road or the treadmill so onto the damn thing I hopped.

Other than reminding me of how much I don’t like the treadmill and trying to find ways to entertain myself the run went well. My hip didn’t give me any trouble at all and other than a noticeable lack of fitness from not running consistently recently I was pleased with how it went.

One thing that bugged me though was the huge difference between the treadmill and my watch.

I’m more inclined to trust the treadmill than my watch at times like this but my workout went like this…

0.2km walk on the treadmill to warm up

Speed up to a run

Push start on my watch (activity setting: Indoor Run)

Run 4km varying my speed between 9 to 11 kmph to try and keep myself entertained

This is what my watch said


And this is what I got from the treadmill


Bearing in mind that I started my watch AFTER 0.2km on the treadmill! Crazy!!

I also bumped into a friend of mine at the gym (at 6am – us triathletes are mental) which made me smile.

I felt so good after I’d finished my session and mentally so different – it’s amazing what getting back to what you love does to you – however when you’re feeling down it’s so easy to neglect what makes you happy for moping around the house and not wanting to socialise.

Plus getting my session done in the morning meant that when work went mental and I ended up staying at the office longer than I expected, I’d already got my training done for the day and didn’t need to worry about missing it.

Because I’m being careful with my hip, tomorrow is a rest day but I’ll be back to the gym on Wednesday to see how hippy is doing then hopefully I’ll get the all clear from coach M to get back to a full training programme again

Onwards and upwards hopefully


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