Training Tuesday #3

I’m very happy to report that I’m training again! Woo hoo!

Yesterday (Monday) was the first day that I felt more like myself again – I’m still quite tired but my brain doesn’t seem as foggy anymore which is making ALL the difference. Fingers crossed it means that my iron supplements are kicking in nicely and all I need to do is keep taking them and I’ll be all hunky dory again.

Yesterday it was an absolutely gorgeous day in Glasgow

Sunny Glasgow

and in the quest to get more comfortable on my bike I’d devised a simple 14km out and back route that I wanted to try out before work.

The route had a couple of good things in it for me, the first section of my route has lots of traffic lights on it which is quite daunting for me and my clipping in / clipping out mishaps but that’s precisely where I need the practice and I can do this over and over again in the park on the bike track but it’ll never replicate the roads so on the roads I shall go.

The second section of the road is mainly dual carriageway which means that for the most part motorists just go into the outside lane to get round me and don’t try and squeeze past me. I’m hoping this will help me get a bit more confidence on the roads without having to worry overly about the cars – I’ve had a couple of incidents where I’ve been beeped at and although I wasn’t doing anything wrong and I’m as much entitled to be there as the cars, it still made me anxious!

This route can actually be quite busy with traffic at the wrong times but my intention was to get out at 6am to get my hour (or so) in giving me enough time to get home, showered and to work for 8am

As I’ve proved above, the weather was in my favour for my first trip out and it was pretty awesome! I also managed to pass (twice) my personal trainer, M, at the end of my out and back section and he commented later how good I was looking on the bike! I’ll take compliments anywhere when it comes to the bike!

Cycle before work
Out and Back Bike Confidence Route

After work, the less said about that the better, I had a PT session with M to go to. Because the weather was still so nice and my M’s gym isn’t far away from my house I decided to be crazy and run to my PT session.

Run to PT session in the sunshine

Run to PT

Having not had the energy to do pretty much anything for the best part of a fortnight the idea of running was scary at the thought of how much it would hurt but once I got going it felt oh so good to get my trainers on and pound the pavement again!

M knew about my anemia so we spent more time on weight based workouts during my hour session rather than my usual HIIT style training – there’s no point breaking me just now – there’ll be plenty of time for that once the docs are sure we’ve found the cure!

This was great too as it meant I still had the energy to run back home again and my return route felt even better than my outgoing one!

I really need to remember this feeling the next time I’m struggling to find the motivation to drag my feet through a tough run session! Don’t take anything you can do now for granted, you never know when it might be taken away from you!

Run home from PT

Yes the above km times are actually pretty great for me! I’m a slow turtle but I get there in the end.


3 thoughts on “Training Tuesday #3

  1. That’s great news that you’re up and about again!!

    I’ve forgotten what it’s like to cycle on British roads, and I’ve clearly gone soft because I now think it’s pretty scary cycling on the roads around Brisbane. But in reality, we’re so well served for cycle paths, it’s not illegal to cycle on the pavement and there’s a law that says you need to leave a 1m gap when you pass a cyclist. So, we haven’t got much to complain about!!! (Not that it stops us!)


    1. Yeah I went away to Mallorca training and was completely spoiled with their roads! I’m now back to dodging both potholes and general ignorance from drivers! I like to stop myself being so scared by thinking that they like me lots and want to give me cuddles and thats why they’re so effing close!!!

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