Warm Weather Camp – Mallorca

As I type this post I’m sitting in my hotel room in a gorgeous resort in sunny Mallorca!

Getting ready for this trip was interesting for me as I had to dismantle my bike to fly it over which I was very nervous about – a bike mechanic / expert I am not! At home I had S to help me with it but I was concerned about putting it all back together and it not falling apart when I got there as I’d be on my own.

bike in bits

My bike in bits ready to fly.

We arrived yesterday afternoon after a stupidly early flight / trip to the airport. Getting into the terminal was a balancing act, literally, as I’d never flown with so much stuff before. In reality I only had my hand luggage bag, suitcase and bike box but I usually travel with a hand luggage bag only so it was definitely an experience.

ready to fly

We got to the resort in Mallorca courtesy of some amazing tetris skills by our transfer driver who insisted on getting all of our bikes and luggage into what seemed to be an impossibly small space – I’m still baffled at how he managed to get it all in!

hotel view

The view from my hotel room!

Once there we were checked in and I had to start the task of attempting to put my bike back together all by myself.

I managed, for the most part, to get the bits back together again but needed a bit of help with my back wheel as my chain had done a funny dance in the bike box and was twisted in ways I couldn’t fathom how to get it the right way again.

In the afternoon we went on a bike ride to Sa Pobla to check the bikes were all working fine after their journeys and for our coaches to gauge the abilities of our group. I’m a very novice cyclist anyway but I’ve also never cycled with my coaches so from my part they had no idea what they were getting! Ha ha – unlucky for them!

After the cycle we had an intro to the camp and the workings of it and then it was pretty much time for bed.

This morning I’ve been for breakfast – the food at this place is unreal – and now I’m just about to head for a filmed swim session which I’m really looking forward to as I’ve been trying to focus in on my swim technique for the past few weeks so I’m hoping its all paid off!


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