Three Things Thursday #1

Calf trouble

Last week when I was (luckily) running on the treadmill I was nearly finished my prescribed 5km set when something pinged in my left leg! I was in so much pain I had to, for the first time, use the emergency stop cord on the machine because my leg wasn’t going to keep going long enough for me to reduce the speed and eventually stop.

I was hoping it was just a sudden attack of cramp and although it still felt tender the next day I’ve had cramps that linger like that so I had my fingers crossed as I have something rather important coming up (see number 2)

However my leg was still painful over a week later (Monday) and I relented and went to see my physio and I’ve torn my calf muscle! It’s only a small tear and he mentioned that it’s already had over a week’s worth of healing so hopefully it won’t be much longer to heal properly but i’m gutted that I’ve actually done something rather than it just being cramp! For once I wanted someone to tell me I’m a wimp and it’s nothing!

Mallorca Training

On Saturday I’m going away to Mallorca with my triathlon coaches from Pro Endurance Coaching for a week of warm weather training. I’m pretty terrified I’ll be honest. Like I mentioned just a few hundred times my training hasn’t felt great recently and I’m already the slowest member of my club so I’m scared I’ll not be able to keep up but I’m mainly scared that I won’t enjoy the experience because I’ll be too focused on what I CAN’T do rather than where I’ve come from. That’s all down to me and my mindset though so I’m going to try and stay positive.

If nothing else I got this awesome cycle jersey as part of the package!!

Pro E Shirt

New additions

S and I have always loved animals and I have always always wanted a dog but with our work and training schedules and the fact that we live in a top floor flat we knew that, at the moment, it wouldn’t be sensible or fair on the dog to get one so we decided to do the next (craziest) best thing and in January at the grand old age of 8 weeks we became proud parents of two gorgeous little girls…

Molly, the black and white, and Ripley, all black, have, at times, caused all sorts of chaos. At the moment they’re obsessed with trying to scale our curtains but it sounds very corny to say but they’ve made my house feel like a home and at the moment my family feels complete.

I do love my flat but since I was ill for a lot of the time when I first bought the place and moved in and then I worked away from home for a while living on my own was great but my house was just somewhere I went when I wasn’t training, at work or seeing S and once again getting very corny but since S moved in and we got the girls I cannot wait to get home to my little family and there’s nothing I love more than chilling out on the sofa watching a movie with S getting snuggles from the girls.




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