I’m back

Yeah so it’s been a while since I last posted here – no real reason for it other than life got in the way (how some people work and train and socialise like they do and still find time to write about it I have no idea!)

I completed my half marathon last year and it was pretty awesome – I hated all of the training and found myself wondering a lot of the time why I was doing this in the first place. I’m not a natural runner, I’m very slow and don’t ever seem to make any gains anywhere be that in my pace times getting faster or even just the runs feeling easier – running is a hard slog for me – always – and although I’d love to get to a point where I can go out and ‘enjoy’ a relaxed jog to clear my head and get some endorphins pumping, at the moment at least, it’s not going to happen. For me a 5Km is still a hard distance and it goes by very slowly. Don’t get me wrong I’m striving to get better and I won’t give up on my running but it gets me down more often than not.

My runs for my half training were very tough and although I got them done I didn’t ever look forward to my weekends when I would have to attempt, once again, to put one foot in front of the other for x amount of km and so I really wasn’t looking forward to race day at all.

However I absolutely loved every minute of it! I’m definitely a race day runner – I appreciate that the runs that come before are ultimately more important than the actual race but I just can’t bring my brain around to that way of thinking. I set off running and felt really good, my pace was faster than I’d anticipated but my breathing and my legs just seemed to want to go!

The atmosphere around the whole course was amazing – I was running for my Cancer hospital – The Beatson in Glasgow and they had three stations along the course which meant I got an extra big cheer when I ran past in their t-shirt

Unlike my training runs there wasn’t a point in the race when I wanted to stop / thought I needed to stop I was soaking in the whole event and having a great time as this picture clearly shows cropped-cropped-orig-scok62711.jpeg

This year (yes I’ve done the cliched thing and signed up again!!) will be to try and better my time / beat a certain target but my first half marathon was just to enjoy the event and have a good time and I certainly did that!

Other than that I’ve decided to postpone my Ironman dreams until 2017 – I’m only really just getting into road cycling and at the moment I’m not really enjoying the rides and I really really want to. I appreciate that, like my run sessions, there will be tough times but when every single training session seems like a fight it’s not the experience I want. I’m doing this because I want to and at the moment it’s getting me down.

So I’m giving myself an extra year of training to gain a bit of confidence on my bike, hopefully get a PB on my runs and spend time tweaking my swim technique.

And hopefully I’ll do it, mostly, with a smile on my face…

Let the games begin!



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