Training Update

This week my training has gone as well as can be expected – a lot of it felt hard and I felt sluggish but I’ve been hitting my times and the fact that some mornings I even got up and went is a miracle and I’ll take that!!

Monday Morning – Speedwork – simply put, speedwork at 6am on a Monday morning (especially after my disaster long run the day before) shouldn’t be allowed!

It took forever (or so it seemed) for my legs to wake up – I felt like I’d put concrete boots on instead of trainers. My goal was to do 2 miles (3.2km) of intervals – 6 500m intervals running off of 3 minutes 30 seconds followed by 0.2km cool down jog to complete the distance on my plan – I managed 4 intervals and then decided to just run the remaining 1.2km because my legs really weren’t cooperating.

I got the distance done and called it good for the day.

I combined this with a bit of arm work on the lat pulldown machine and the chest press for a 45ish minute workout. Usually this is a good way to start the day / week but Monday wasn’t working out for me – I spent the rest of the day yawning, tired and regretting making a plan to only drink one cup of coffee a day!

Monday Evening – PT session with M – this, in complete contrast to the morning session, was a good session – I worked on my deadlifts again and then more lat pulldowns and leg press (plus a couple of other weights exercises that completely slip my mind right now!) – I went heavy with all my weights and as usual, strength work always makes me feel good.

Tuesday Morning – 3 mile run – treadmill run once again, considering my events don’t take place on treadmills I really should get more used to running outside! It’s weird because I actually prefer running outside but for some reason, early morning treadmill sessions always seem better than running on the roads – I really should soak up this nice kinda weather while I can, soon enough it’ll be hats and gloves and base layers again and I’ll be dreaming about treadmills!

Once again my legs felt really heavy (something I’ve been eating maybe?) and did not want to get going to run. I had a 5km on the plan and planned to take it steady and make sure I ran the whole thing (I’m terrible for stopping and walking which is fine for longer distances but I should be blasting out 5kms like they’re nobody’s business by now! Plus I always want to stop and walk but whenever I do I find it really hard to get going again – I really need to remember that next time I want to walk!

Anyway my 5km went as follows

First k – pace: 6min / km – this isn’t going to be too bad, legs still asleep but that’s usual for me for the first km.

Second k – pace: 6min / km – ok so this is harder (6:00 minute km is actually quite fast for me) I kinda want to walk, I know, I’ll make a deal with myself. I can walk when I reach the halfway point.

2500m – pace: 6min / km – yeah I really really want to walk now – but I’ll drop the pace to my usual 6:30 and agree that if I make it to 3km I can walk for a bit then

3km – pace: 6min 30secs / km – jeez my legs really didn’t hear my alarm clock did they! Still feel like lead!

3400m – pace: 6min 30secs / km – right, just 4 laps around a track, I can do that!

3800m – pace: 6min 30secs / km – jeez those ‘tracks’ take longer to run around than I thought! They look smaller on telly!

4km – pace: 6min 30secs / km – right. Only 1km to go, that’s a 6.5 minute run, I can do anything for 6.5 minutes! Just think of all the 6.5minutes that fly by when you’re doing rubbish like watching crap on the telly or googling stuff you don’t need! – At least my breathing has calmed down finally!

4430m – pace: 6min 30secs / km – ok so I’ve got 570m to go, that’s once around the pond we use to do intervals at tri club – that’s tiny – I can do this!

4500m – pace: 6min 30secs / km – 500m to go, that’s 3 minutes 15 seconds of running to go – I can do that. I think!

4750m – pace: 6min 30secs / km – jeez, it takes longer than you think to run 250m! And here I was thinking 250m was just ‘over there’!

5km – pace: 6min 30secs / km – stop the treadmill as soon as it ticks over to 5km! And done! Seriously have not clock watched like that before!!

Total time: 31minutes 38 – average pace: 6 minutes 20 seconds / km

Wednesday morning – 3 mile run – Same as above but with the legs turning over a bit better – the first 2.5km went by faster than usual and the next km ticked by quite nicely – as usual the last 1500m took its toll and I was ready to be done by 5km but it wasn’t the devil child the run the day before was.

Total time: 31minutes 15 – average pace: 6 minutes 15 seconds / km

My aim of this summer is to get a sub 30 minute 5km so I’m starting at a 6 minute km pace and trying to hold it for as long as possible – I’m hoping that this and my speedwork sessions will help my brain remember that my legs can go faster than they want to.

Wednesday Evening – PT session with M – pretty much an entirely HIIT session on the functional rig combining ring pull ups, rope throws, weighted high knees, crunches, clean and press using the vipr and a shocking display of planks. After that I did 10 minutes of intervals on the wattbike going all out for 10 seconds with a 50 second rest in between – my legs were definitely goosed by the end of that!

All in all though it was a good session – I left feeling exhausted but in a good (and very sweaty) way.

Thursday morning was an impromptu rest morning because the gym I go to was getting the air con fixed in the ladies changing room – it was a bit annoying to miss a session but not nearly as annoying as the heat and humidity has been in the changing room for the past few weeks! Each time I got out the shower, I instantly felt like I needed another one!

Thursday Evening – Tri club run training – It was recovery week this week at tri club which I was very grateful for – we were doing the 570m intervals around the lake as usual but on recovery week we usually do less reps and at a slightly easier pace – this allows us all to recover from peak week the week before and be ready for the next block of training to start the week after.

My aim this week was to get consistent intervals, I’m well known (as in I get shouted at by J my tri coach pretty much every week) for going out too fast for the first 1 or 2 intervals and then die on the rest!

I was running off of 4 minutes so I was told to aim for 3 minute 25 second intervals each time and there were 6 intervals to do in total.

I came in from my first interval at 3 minutes 22 seconds which was an improvement on last week when I came in at 2 minutes 55 seconds and promptly got a kick up the arse from J! lol

Interval 2: 3:23

Interval 3: 3:25

Interval 4: 3:22

Interval 5: 3:23

Then J told me I was allowed to push on the last lap as I’d done so well with my pacing previously. I laughed at him and asked him what I was supposed to use to push with and even volunteered S (who is crazy faster than me) to run behind me and do the pushing for me!

I started the final interval and was annoyed with myself because it felt so hard even from the start and I really wanted to make a gain on this one – I desperately tried to catch and keep up with the next nearest runners but I felt like I was losing them with every step. I got to my reference point in my lap and was bang on target for another 3:22 / 3:23 which is good that I wasn’t as behind as I thought but I was annoyed because I wanted it to be a decent last lap.

So I pushed with everything I had left and came in at 3:15! I even got a punch on the shoulder (harder than I was expecting) from J – he was pleased so I was pleased! Bring on next week and the next block of training!


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