The Week that Wasn’t!

This week hasn’t been great – it started off on a good footing after spending the weekend with my parents who were good enough to help me with a few things around my flat plus it was nice to see them again.

Monday started well, I went for my usual swim in the morning and although I was feeling a bit tired and run down I attributed it to a busy couple of weeks and thought nothing more of it.

Monday night I had my PT session with M which went well but I felt quite weak and a bit shaky which didn’t really make me feel worried just annoyed that my session wasn’t as worthwhile as I wanted it to be.

Tuesday morning was a different story. I woke up with a sore head and my eye hurting. I have gotten an eye infection a couple of times before which results in the pressure in my eye rising beyond healthy levels and I was really hoping that it wasn’t this infection again as it always results in having to go to hospital which is a bother to me more than anything – I’ve spent enough time in hospitals already!

I tried to push through work but my head was bothering me and my blood sugar levels weren’t playing ball either, some days they ‘bounce’ and are either too low or too high and don’t seem to want to settle. I admitted defeat at about lunch time and headed home for some much-needed time on the sofa in the hopes that my eye might fix itself.

In short, it didn’t work. Wednesday morning my eye was just as bad and I knew that the only thing that would sort it was a trip to the eye hospital to get the drops I needed to fix the problem.

That meant that I had to cancel my Wednesday evening PT session and in turn Thursday evening running training didn’t happen and my usual open water swim this morning didn’t happen either!

It’s annoying more than anything and I hate to miss training sessions – I’m queen of worrying about the amount of training I’ve done and so every time I have to miss a session I worry that it’s going to be fundamental to my end result.

Trying to combat that I’ve adjusted my training plan to start again from next week, 14 weeks away from the half marathon I’ve signed up for, and just have to hope that I can meet most of my sessions from now until then!

So my tentative training plan from now on is as follows:-

Monday Morning: Swim OR Run (I will probably have to fit an early morning run into my schedule eventually once my runs get longer)

Monday Evening: PT Session with M

Tuesday Morning: Off OR Cycle to Work

Tuesday Evening: Run and Tri Club Swim

Wednesday Morning: Swim OR Run

Wednesday Evening: PT Session with M

Thursday Morning: Off

Thursday Evening: Tri Club Run and Tri Club Swim

Friday Morning: Tri Club Open Water Swim (when it gets colder and the open water sessions finish I’ll change this to another run session)

Friday Evening: Run

Saturday Morning: Park Run

Sunday: Rest Day OR Bike Ride


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