I survived!!

I actually survived my first run training session with the tri club last night! And even better than that I really enjoyed myself!

Like I said in my last post I was really worried about being the slow one and getting left behind because I know there are some really speedy guys at the club but we set off on a warm up jog to our training point in three groups fast, medium and slow. The fast guys head off and probably run a half marathon to get to our rendezvous point, the medium guys run off somewhere slightly shorter and us slow dudes take the shortest route to the meeting point. I really liked that because although everyone meets up again at about the same time, you never see the other group, you never get lapped by the fast guys and you never get left staring at everyone’s backs all the time because you’re the last one in the group.

We met up in a local park and did some stretching and then some running drills, last night focused on lower leg work with walking lunges, hopping and skipping and a couple of sprints – I felt like I was in Primary School again!

Then we moved onto the main set of the night which was 1km reps – each group slow, medium and fast were assigned a time to run off. Slow guys were going for 5 reps at 7 minutes, the medium group did 6 reps at 6 minutes and the fast guys did 7 reps at 5 minutes.

The aim was to run faster than the rep time to get a bit of recovery time before heading off again. For my group, the slow group we were to run the first 2 reps at a comfortable pace, the second 2 at 5k pace and the last one as fast as you can maintain for 1km.

My first rep felt really good but I got ‘shouted’ at by J the coach because I somehow managed to come in at 5mins 50! Ha ha – not a comfortable pace for me at all! My next rep was better at 6mins 25 and J told me to sit out the 3rd rep, I’m not sure why but it was probably a combination of it being my first time and having my triathlon on Sunday, I wasn’t complaining about a bit of extra recovery time anyway! My next two reps were 6mins 10 and 6mins 20. Not too bad for my first go! I’ll be in the medium group before I know it!! Ha ha. Most of all I really enjoyed myself, I never felt like I was dragging anyone down and the time flew by – I’ll definitely be trying to get that into my weekly training, there’s no way it can’t help my run times and, in that situation, running with other people is really fun!


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