Rest Day Guilt

I’m still trying to work out my training schedule – in hindsight, starting a new training program the week of my first triathlon was probably not the best plan, I’m too eager to get into the half marathon training and don’t want to ‘fail’ at week one but at the same time I’m well aware that I need to be more rested than ‘trained’ this week for Sunday – I’m very nervous that I haven’t done enough but in the very sensible words of my boyfriend ‘S’ ‘its too late now, all you’re going to do now is burn yourself out – nothing you do in this week can increase your times significantly but you CAN do stuff that may decrease your performance simply by panicking’ – jeez I hate it when he’s right!

So last night I was going to make up my missed Monday run (3 miles) but I have run training with the tri club tonight, it my first time going to a run session – wish me luck, so I decided to take last night off and chill out.

S is right – running those 3 miles last night wouldn’t help me make huge gains in my run times on Sunday but they might put enough tiredness in my legs, which were pretty beat up from the leg press the night before, to slow me down and lets face it I do not need any help in the slow category!

The problem with rest days – especially ones before a race is that I get quite twitchy convinced that I should be doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING and that sitting on the sofa is counterproductive.

Sometimes my training sessions don’t last that long, I quite often go to the pool and swim half a mile which takes me about 16 minutes – my whole session lasts just 16 minutes but I’ve done something and I feel like I’ve pushed myself a little bit at least. I’m still not following a training plan for my swims which I would really like to do some point soon, I’m very sick of not getting any faster. When that time comes I’m going to ask J if he can come up with some 30 minute sessions for me.

That would mean my session would be slightly longer, I’d get more out of it but still be able to get ready for work and arrive only slightly later than I do at the moment. When half Ironman training properly kicks into gear my swims will no doubt get longer and when that time comes I’ll adjust work accordingly but at the moment my little 16 minute swims on a morning before work are doing me fine.

But anyway, last night was spent chilling out and trying not to worry about Sunday or even tonight’s running session and not doing anything remotely exercisey – was it a good decision? I guess we’ll find out on Sunday!!


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