That’s more like it!

Yesterday at work I wasn’t feeling very motivated, a combination of going round in seemingly tighter circles with some of the tasks I needed to get out the door combined with a terrible night’s sleep, I had a montage of disaster dreams about Sunday – yes I am one of those people who worries far too much, and a general lethargy meant that I really didn’t want to go to the gym last night.

All day my mind kept coming up with reasons excuses to not go but the beauty about a Tuesday night for me is that it’s a Personal Training day which means that on occasion when I’ve really not been well I’ve called and cancelled but generally I drag myself there.

And guess what?! Within five minutes of starting my session with my PT ‘M’ I feel great – tired and sweaty definitely but also energized and revived too! It’s amazing how that happens isn’t it!

Last night we started off with a Max Power Test on my gym’s new Watt Bikes – M regularly gets me to do a running test on the treadmill so this is yet another baseline test we can repeat and see my progress – I’m one of those people who needs to see progress!

The first test was my max Power output over 6 seconds – you basically input some personal info, the bike tells you what levels you should set it to and then counts you down from 5 and you go hell for leather as fast as you can.

The second test was to find my power to weight average over a 30 second period – basically you have to pace yourself enough to get the most out of yourself but spread over 30 seconds rather than a blast of six seconds.

Then the next one was like a bleep test but on a bike – the bike gave me an average rpm to hit for a minute then the next minute the rpm went up by 15 and so on every minute – the aim was to keep going for as long as you possibly could go.

M wrote down my results to log in notes he keeps about me but I didn’t get that information – I’ll be honest I’m probably going to ask for them, I’m too much of a numbers geek not to but I do sometimes like the not knowing, I like giving my all and waiting for M to tell me if it’s an improvement on the last time – I’m queen of giving up before I’ve even finished because I can tell that I’m not going to beat a previous time. That’s another thing I like about PT, the numbers / times / intervals / weights aren’t up to me – I don’t need to think about it I just do what M tells me to do. This means that I spend less time over analyzing or talking myself out of a certain exercise because I ‘can’t be bothered to do that today’. I’m pretty self-motivated when it comes to running / cycling / swimming but when I’m at the gym I find it hard to work out what to do, especially if it’s busy and the machines I want to use aren’t free.

So anyway – I finished the Power Test on the bike and we went to the weights section for some strength work. M tends to get me to do 4 sets of 12 reps of an exercise and sometimes, like last night, he puts the weight up each time until my final set maxes out at 8 reps.

I did – lat pulldowns, seated rows, overhead chest press and inverted leg press (killer) – once again I have no idea of the weights I used I just know it got a lot harder as the sets went on!

After M nearly killed me on the leg press machine and I actually thought I wouldn’t be able to get out of it (you kinda lie on your back with your legs in the air – I know, so lady-like!) I gave my legs a bit of time to recover and then hopped on the treadmill to do the run I missed on Monday night.

Due to the fact my legs were shaking – don’t get me wrong, for my triathlons / Ironman training I WANT to train on tired legs – and the fact that I’ve got my event on Sunday I decided to go for my 2 mile run (scheduled for tonight) at an easy pace for me – I’m slower than a really slow thing when I run by the way. J my tri coach said that the run course for Sunday is pretty brutal and not to expect to get my usual 5K time or anywhere near so I used last night to train on tired legs, getting used to the wobbly leg sensation takes a while, plus my brain to not get downhearted at a slow pace / time, even for me.

I did 2 miles on the treadmill in 21:40 which is a 10:50 mile or a 6:44 km (I did mention that I’m incredibly slow!)

My fastest 5k time is 31:20 (although even I don’t know where I pulled that one out of the bag) which would be a 10:05 mile (6:16 km) and one of my other aims this summer is to try to get, consistently, down to a sub 30 5k – I have no idea if I’ll make it but I’m hoping that going to my tri club run training sessions will help.

Anyway – I left the gym feeling 10 feet tall (in actual fact I’m basically half that size) and feeling hopeful that I can at least finish on Sunday!


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