Not terrible but not perfect either

Day one of half marathon training / try not to panic at every opportunity before my triathlon at the weekend didn’t really go to plan.

Monday mornings usually start at the far too early time of 6am when I go for a swim in my gym pool – after the weekend I always find it very hard to get out of bed when my alarm goes off at 5am but once I’m in the pool I always feel better and my day / week seems better for getting back into the groove. Recently I’ve been swimming either half a mile or a full mile before work in readiness for my triathlon but also like I said, once I’m in the pool and I’ll be honest, once my hair is completely wet I tend to get into the swing of things, my lengths are over in no time, I feel that familiar gentle ache in my arms which tells me I’ve pushed myself, I’m wide awake for work and I’ve bagged a workout before most people have pressed snooze!

Anyway – to cut a long story short I arrived at the gym to find out that the pool was closed – apparently the glass door of the sauna smashed and glass went everywhere including into the pool itself so it needs to be thoroughly cleaned and signed off by Health and Safety before it can open again. At first I was a bit annoyed about the pool being closed but then again I’d rather miss a swim than end up with a cut foot etc (although the way I’m feeling about my triathlon at the moment it’d be a great ‘excuse’ to back out! :-P)

I also usually have some form of gym kit in my bag at any one time – gym kit for me tends to find its way everywhere, that seems to happen when you a) do as much training as I do and b) have a bit of a problem when it comes to buying said gym kit – my credit card winces whenever I log onto Wiggle! However, this time I only had my swim stuff with me so I ended up just showering and going into work earlier than usual for a Monday.

Not to be deterred I finished work for the day totally intending to do my planned run for the evening – until I get my time based plan from my tri coach I’ve decided to start the Hal Higdon course which called for 3 miles last night. Well, I got home to gale force winds and horizontal rain – there was absolutely no way I was going out for a run in that! Instead I hopped on the turbo trainer and did some cycling while watching House (my latest obsession) on Netflix.

All in all not a perfect start to my half training due to the fact that I didn’t actually run but I’m glad I got some kind of workout done – I’m the queen of making excuses as to why I don’t actually have to do something.

Tonight I have a PT session after work and I’m going to stay after that and get my missed run in – I don’t want to overdo it days before the triathlon but I’m conscious that I need to keep my legs turning over before Sunday too – depending on how tough my PT session is I’m aiming to do either a 2 mile or a 3 mile run. Like I said I want to keep my legs turning over for Sunday but I don’t want to fatigue myself in the pursuit of a race that is weeks and months away.


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